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yron_gunner's Journal

Aleksandr Vasiliy Yaroslav
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Age: 19
Sex: Male
Nationality: Russian
Languages spoken: Russian, Broken German, Broken English
Religion: Russian Orthadox
Military/Organizational affiliation: Red Army Soldier
Physical Description: Tanned hair cropped short in common military style befitting a soldier, but he has bluish violent eyes and always wears a blue bandana under his military helmet. Standing at 5’8”, he is hardly the most imposing soldier with a slight but muscular build. He is always found in a Red Army uniform and long coat whenever possible/decent, usually grey green in colouration. As a soldier, he carries a revised Degtyarev submachine-gun along with two pistols tucked up the sleeves of his jackets along with a standard issue knife.
Brief history: A farm and hunting boy in the earliest points of his life, he served his family loyally to provide for his single sister and mother when his father was not available. Eldest child, he learned to fire a weapon by his father for the purpose of hunting, but he was finely attuned to the weapon after practicing continually with the weapon. Aside from occasional disputes with the governmental representative of the region, their family lived in peace.

Upon Germany’s Operation Barbarossa, a call for soldiers to enlist began to support and push back the invasion. He reluctantly joined the Red Army for the sake of his family which were picking up and moving further into the Soviet lands. He was trained briefly to the life of a soldier and heard the propaganda of the villianousness of the Germans and their assault on the Motherland. He was moved to the frontlines to defend and halt the German invasion from advancing further in the city of Tula, where he remains at this point.
Involvement in the War: Defense of the Motherland at Tula. Not exactly brainwashed by propaganda, his loyalty falls heavily in favour of his homeland when his family is no longer in his life, so he defends it and his comrades using any means necessary. He is a soldier of the Red Army staging defense, one of many staged to give their lives to stop the Germans.
Awoken? No
To what degree? n/a
Relationships with other characters (pre-discussed or potential): Potential with any characters who are on the Eastern front of the war on the German or Russian side early on. Always potential for stuff to happen if we get an Amiboshi as well.