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Aleksandr · Vasiliy · Yaroslav

I hate Poland

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How in the hell did I end up in Poland? Just a day or so ago I was scouring the streets of Tula looking for dirty Germans, and then out of no where this guy who looks like me (like identical or something) and a weird yellow man who keeps doing weird things shows up.

Now I’ve got no use of my left arm, and I’m stuck hiding out in Poland. I hate this place, and I don’t know why I’m here at all. Nothing has been explained to me, and I just want to get my hands on something that I can beat to get out my frustrations. I hate this bombed up town! I want to be home in Russia where I at least understand that language people are speaking!

The little yellow man (his name is Yong) keeps sleeping all the time. If I still had my gun, I could do something drastic, but I get the feeling beating him with the butt of a rifle would make things worse for me. Either way, Yong has these strange ability to warp his form. He can look alike anyone at any time. I think he might be driving me crazy, since people aren’t supposed to do that.

I don’t believe in magic and Stalin is the only good thing to look forward to. He promised to save the Motherland, and I believe him. These strange abilities make my head hurt, and… I’m scared. I don’t have special powers like Yong or… him. I’m not special like that, and I don’t want to be in Poland. I’m going to be executed for leaving my post, for abandoning my country to the Germans.

There is another guy I met. I think he’s the reason I’m actually in this mess, but I don’t have the heart to blame him. His name is Jan Ruszkowski. He has my face. It was the strangest thing I ever saw, but he seriously was walking around with my face on, though he looks older than me. I feel drawn to him, but now… he’s gone. I feel lonely without him, but that can’t happen! I’m independent and I don’t need anyone. Still... I bearly knew him, but it felt right to be aroun him. I think that is strange.

I still wish Jan were here. He was easy to talk to; he had powers too. How come Jan gets powers, and I get nothing at all? He’s probably back with his family now, since that was what he wanted in Poland.

I hate Poland. I hate Germans more, but Poland is ranking up there right about now. It burns me more that Germans occupy Poland, making it an even worse place to be.
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